Jazyky bez barier

Program pro usnadnění výuky jazyků nejen pro dyslektiky


We put together the multimedia Languages Without Barriers programme to support English language teaching of children and young people with dyslexia in the Czech Republic. The programme involves a simple editor and special browser and adopts a less-than-traditional approach to compensate users with dyslexia in terms of their difficulties with sight and hearing perception, thus making the product a stand-out among standard teaching aids.

Slowly but surely this programme is finding admirers in schools and families alike. Certain Czech methodologists are also interested in presenting the programme on their travels at conferences abroad, and for this reason we have put together this information site in English and German.

We intend to adapt the Languages Without Barriers programme to teach Czech pupils and students other languages, before moving on to localise the programme for use in other European countries.

If you are interested in receiving more information, please contact the programme designer with any specific questions you might have. Please send your questions in either Czech or English. Or you could sign up to receive up-to-date information bulletins.

We look forward to our possible future cooperation.

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